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Discussion in 'TF2 Staff Applications' started by Smokey, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Hello and thank you for your interest in being an Admin on turbine! The staff and myself will do our best to treat every application as fair and reasonable as we can. Please make sure the following apply before making your application.

    -Have atleast 500 hours playtime in tf2
    -Be atleast 13 years of age
    -Public steam profile
    -No VAC bans

    Please follow this format and answer ALL questions in your application.

    1. In game name and Steam id. (Steam ID can be found here)

    2. Age?

    3.What server are you applying for?

    4. How long have you been playing in the server?

    5. Were you ever staff on another tf2 server?

    6. What makes you think you deserve to be an admin?
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