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    Hello and welcome to KBz Prophunt! This is a new server and is under development.
    We our always taking suggestions for new content on our forums here!

    General Rules
    - Do Not give out unwanted hints when you're a dead prop.
    - No voice changers or spam in the mic.
    - No ghosting this includes letting a player know about in-game events they are not aware of.
    - No being disrespectful.
    - No going outside the map or in an area hunters can't see.
    - No Inappropriate Sprays.
    - No team switching to avoid being a Hunter.
    - Do not delay rounds as Hunter.
    - No Hacking – Using any 3rd party program or texture to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Aimbots, wallhacks, ESP, speedhacks, etc.
    - Do not reveal map exploits or server glitches to others.

    Admin Rules
    If you see any staff or players breaking these rules, please feel free to report them here.

      • Do not use your powers on other players for your own amusement without their consent.
      • Do not punish a player without justification.
      • Do not publicly accuse a player of hacking.
    Closing this window you agree to all the rules and understand that violating them may result in a kick/ban from the server!
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