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Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Swifty, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Jun 29, 2012
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    Most of my time spent for this patch was adding in some new maps. You won't see too many changes this update.

    -Added jumps to cs_rooftops_css, de_nuke, and cs_militia.
    -Added a !rockthevote/!rtv command to the map vote.
    -Fixed errors for spectators that just connected.
    -Seekers that connect pre round are now frozen at spawn like they should be.
    -Reduced flash time on the Flash Bang.
    -Reduced swing distance on the knife.
    -You no longer die from bumping into death blocks, you need to be standing on them.
    -Fixed double flicker on the bhop delay block.
    -Increased freeze grenade radius.
    -Team mates can no longer activate each others trip mines and proximity mines.
    -Pulled grenade explosions out of the surface, this should hopefully fix the occasional fail grenade.
    -Re-coded proximity mines, they shouldn't be so glitchy now.
    -Various small edits and fixes.
    -Added in a max speed that players can move. This should prevent players from moving around the map extremely fast.
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    Still, awesome man! Seems like a pretty hefty change list to me. :)

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