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    Hi, I wanted to write some quick guidelines to our admins both new and old. Having admin in the server is a privileged and not just an invitation to show off cool commands to other players. Please read everything carefully.
    When it comes to RDM please make sure you read the damagelog at the end of every round or while you are dead before you confront someone about why they rdmed. many time the damagelog will answer questions for you.
    Even if you believe you are 100% sure the person RDMed you should ALWAYS ask them why they did it first. It's really important you ask the person why they rdmed, and if they dont answer or their story doesn't match the one of the damagelog then slay for a first offense.
    If you have slayed someone for RDM and they continue to do it then you might decide to kick them to get the message across. After a kick some people will start to see you aren't in the mood for their shit and stop.
    Sometimes they dont stop though and will continue to rdm and cause problems in which case you should ban them. Don't go too overboard with a ban though. We try to not just permaban every single person that RDMS. (1-3 days should do depending on the situation)
    If a person RDMs and leaves please go into the console and get their steamid and ban them that way. Don't go too overboard with a slay for rdm and leave (unless its a mass rdm and you feel they should be banned for multiple days)

    When it comes to people doing things like Mic spamming or trolling and disrespecting other members to a point where it becomes a problem and distraction in the server please either !mute or !gag that person.
    We try not to be a clan that has hardo admins that will permaban people for the smallest reasons, no one likes playing in a server like that.
    It's really important you don't get an ego just because you have admin. Don't come into the server and start acting like you are better than everyone. (thats a good way to lose your power)
    Being an admin is a big responsibility you have to deal with peoples drama often and help sort out things like rdm sprees and constant trolls.
    Don't use your powers to show off or give you an advantage in the game. If we find out you are using your powers to do things like teleport around or have fun with commands you will lose it (consider this your final warning)
    Don't use your admin powers to win arguments either. If someone is bothering you and only you but causing no problems to the server just ignore or mute them for yourself.
    Just because someone is your friend doesn't mean they can come in the server and get away with rdm and trolling either.

    If you ever have ANY questions don't think you cant come to me and ask. I wont think less of you if you ask me for help with a situation. If you are confused or need advice PLEASE ask.
    If you think a fellow admin is abusing or doesn't deserve their power come to swifty or I and tell us. We will take you seriously and keep an eye on the admin and decide what to do from there.

    Here is a list of helpful commands:

    !kick <username>
    !slay <username>
    !ban <username> <time> <reason>
    !gag <username>
    !mute <username>

    Also please bind a key to "xgui" in console (Without quotes)
    Type "bind <key> xgui" in your console

    Thank you for your time.

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