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by Swifty at 3:22 PM
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I fixed up the knife finally its now working as intended. The katana's and light sabers got a slight nerf as well. I removed the headshot multiplier on them and added a slight delay on the right click. Instead of killing players in two hits it now takes four. ULX got updated as well but im sure only admins care about that :p
by Ryeezy at 4:20 AM
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Hi, I wanted to write some quick guidelines to our admins both new and old. Having admin in the server is a privileged and not just an invitation to show off cool commands to other players. Please read everything carefully.
When it comes to RDM please make sure you read the damagelog at the end of every round or while you are dead before you confront someone about why they rdmed. many time the damagelog will answer questions for you.
Even if you believe you are 100% sure the person RDMed you should ALWAYS ask them why they did it first. It's really important you ask the person why they rdmed, and if they dont answer or their story doesn't match the one of the damagelog then slay for a first offense.
If you have slayed someone for RDM and they continue to do it then you might decide to kick them to get the message across. After a kick some people will start to see you aren't in the mood for their shit and stop.
Sometimes they dont stop though and will continue to rdm and cause problems...
by Ryeezy at 12:58 PM
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Hello so as you know swifty and i live in the same state and are about to get hit by the hurricane. if we are gone for a couple days please dont freak out (we probably just lost power) and report anything you'd normally report to us on the forums. thank you very much.
by Swifty at 2:23 PM
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Hey guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for their help/support, activity in the server, and the donations we have been getting. The buzz around KBz is bigger then I ever could have imagined. With that being said, we have just opened a new DarkRP server AND upgraded the TTT server to 24 slots. When gmod 13 launches, I plan to upgrade the DarkRP to 32+ slots which is going to be a lot of fun!

by Ryeezy at 2:59 PM
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I KNOW some of you have probably heard about darkblade being banned (from him most likely) and in the process he's bad mouthed kbz acting like we don't award donators. The situation is darkblade never actually donated and simply just used the tag to help us advertise the new rank when it came out. Please ignore any messages from him badmouthing us our or our system I assure you we would never do anything to screw over our donators. If you have any doubts of our integrity you could ask one of our very happy donators.
by Ryeezy at 1:29 PM
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Our server is now in the top 100 of all gmod servers! ... .26:27015/

Swifty and I are so grateful for our admins and members for all their hours and hard work put into the server. We really look foward to playing more Gmod with all of you its been a blast so far! Keep all your ideas and suggestions coming we are always looking to keep our members satisfied and the help the server and community expand.

by Ryeezy at 4:11 PM
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Hello, just here to inform you that the server will be down today (august 13th) for an unforeseen amount of time. Sorry for the inconvience and we will do our best to get it up as soon as possible.
by Swifty at 3:37 AM
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Going to wipe the server this morning, Hopefully the server should be up before noon!
by Swifty at 5:33 PM
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As most of you know KBz is up and running and it feels great to be back! I am pleased to see all of the veterans returning it feels just like the old days. Some would say that our "vacation" was the demise of KBz but in hindsight i think we are going to grow and expand way beyond what we where before. With that being said I would like everyone to take all of the old beefs you had with each other and set them on the shelf and forget about it, think of this as a fresh start. As always I want to keep KBz a chill friendly place and focus on the fundamental values of TTT and no longer harbor trolls =D