Confirmed TTT - Floating Knife DNA

Discussion in 'Report Bug or Issue' started by Destroyer, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    I noticed this little issue about a week ago but I completely forgot about it. Now, if a person gets knifed and the dna is gone you get the dna off the knife and find the T. However, when someone is knifed it has a chance to make a random floating knife which also has dna on, but leads to the wrong people. OK, you find a floating knife, get dna and follow it to an afk or proven or another d or just a random person doing nothing, what do you do? in the times I've encountered this, it lead to random people which then I killed. once I found out that this person was an innocent who claimed to not touch a knife got me confused. I show my dna to bwak and mag and they didn't know what to do either. then after the round in the logs it said something like
    sample: destroyer received dna of <innocent's name [any1 on server]> from func_physics. I still don't know what to do with it. also this rarely happen to just an ordinary knife that has just been dropped or in someone. so this either needs to be fixed OR my tip to anyone reading this... DO NOT get dna off a floating knife, it will lead to someone random ALWAYS.

    also it wasn't a certain map that did this as I've seen it on hairy house, chaser,67th way and a few others.
    ALSO I haven't been on another server to see if it is all TTT or just our lovely home, KBz.

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