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    Hello and welcome to KBz Sandbox! We strive to focus on the core building values of Garry's Mod and also the fun aspects.

    We our always taking suggestions for new content on our forums here!
    General Rules

    1. Do Not kill in god mode.
    2. If another player wants you to leave them alone please respect that.
    3. No voice changers or music spam on microphone.
    4. No prop pushing.
    5. No prop/tardis killing.
    6. Do Not build in the skybox.
    7. No building large structures or devices near spawn.(Head further out)
    8. No killing while in noclip/flying.
    9. For player vs. player you must be normal size or larger.
    10. No Hacking – Using any 3rd party program or texture to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Aimbots, wallhacks, ESP, speedhacks, etc.
    11. No spawn camping -- Players need to be able to exit spawn without being killed.
    12. No Inappropriate Sprays or videos – pornographic, gory, racist, etc.

    Admin Rules
    If you see any staff or players breaking these rules, please feel free to report them here.
    • Do not use your powers on other players for your own amusement without their consent.
    • Do not punish a player without justification.
    • Do not publicly accuse a player of hacking.

    Closing this window you agree to all the rules and understand that violating them may result in a kick/ban from the server!
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