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Discussion in 'Report Bug or Issue' started by Mykk Robo, Jul 10, 2013.

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    The parent tool may be broken because when props are parented to a parent prop, i can still pick them up and move them around. What SHOULD happen is the "children" props should act as if they are welded to the parent prop and only move when the parent prop moves. basically, i should be able to pick the thing up by the main parent prop with my physgun, but not by touching the children...props.... lol... wording. Parenting, for those that don't know, makes one prop a "base" of sorts for all of the other "children" props connected to it and the game, in essence, treats the entire group of props as one object instead of multiple objects constrained together. It makes things much more stable and reduces lag, all of which is GEWD for the server and GEWD for your contraptions. Constraints such as welds, rope, axis, etc. add up and can produce lag, ESPECIALLY if you have NOT no-collided your things. Collisions can crash servers very easily.

    EDIT: You might want to add multi parent (i think that's the name). A new unparenting tool isn't needed, even if the current one doesn't work - you can press R with the Sound Emitter Tool in wiremod and it will unparent props... don't ask me why the author added that.
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