Resolved [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy threatening to ban people with false accusations.

Discussion in 'Report Staff' started by Toasty, Mar 4, 2016.

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  1. Toasty

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    So basically a guy put a mini in the intel room that did not face the stairs, I even checked with an admin (AntiPyr0) to make sure it wasnt breaking any rules. It happend 3/3/16 while I was playing on the sever and the admin joins. We had a mini engineer set up in intel and we did control mid, now for the first 5 to 10 min nothing was wrong, the engi was still down there but the admin said nothing. After many failed attempts to kill the mini and the admin dieing he finally says its not allowed there. Now I was already skeptical of this claim because I have been on the sever many times and not once has anyone said it was agenst the rules, but also because he had no problem with it until he started to try to kill it. I then called him out on it saying that it wasn't breaking the rules, he then said he would ban me despite me not even being the guy "breaking the rules". After rebutting his arguments he then stepped down by saying we need to forget about it and if you bring it up we could be banned. I have the whole chat here:

    *DEAD*(TEAM) [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : linkpichu
    *DEAD* [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : linkpichy
    Starkiller : i know :3
    linkpichu : 4 doms
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : >.>
    linkpichu : as an engi
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : linkpichu** remove the sentry
    linkpichu : why
    [RANK] you lost 1 points for dying
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : it's not allowed to be there
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    linkpichu : why
    *DEAD* [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : since when, toasty?
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : doesn't mean it's allowed
    linkpichu : come on
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : it *technically* counts as camping
    linkpichu : can i at least put it in mid
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : mid is fine
    *DEAD* Sniper?Rose?Wolf : bitchhhhhhhhhhhh
    Mr. Balaclava has earned the achievement Riftwalker
    Prince of Pizza : yea
    Prince of Pizza : its not illegal
    linkpichu : you can just avoid it you know
    (Voice) Starkiller: MEDIC!
    (Voice) Obama Bin Biden: MEDIC!
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : *sigh*
    (Voice) Obama Bin Biden: MEDIC!
    (Voice) linkpichu: Thanks!
    [RANK] you got 1 points for killing I get high on paint thinner
    (Voice) Obama Bin Biden: MEDIC!
    Sniper?Rose?Wolf : ok when an admin tells you to remove your shit it means remove it
    Prince of Pizza : can we impeach on this server?
    (Voice) Obama Bin Biden: MEDIC!
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    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : that's always been a rule since I've been admin
    (Voice) Prince of Pizza: Spy!
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : you can't put sentries in intel room or infront of spawn
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : but you can put it in mid
    [RANK] you got 2 points for killing Shpee + Shpee
    linkpichu : its not in your intel
    linkpichu : its in the hall
    Prince of Pizza : hes camping the intel not the spawn
    (Voice) Obama Bin Biden: MEDIC!
    linkpichu : at least its not level 3 ;)
    Sniper?Rose?Wolf : omfg just do what the admin says
    Prince of Pizza : why?
    Zeinox.rar : pls protect me
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : because if you don't, I can ban you.
    Prince of Pizza : well this server isnt
    (Voice) linkpichu: Help!
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    linkpichu : now i see what people mean by 'badmins
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    Prince of Pizza : i can see why no one comes on this sever much
    .tesseract. : ban ban ban ban ban ban ban
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : I said I could, never said I would.
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : bruv
    [RANK] you lost 1 points for dying
    Player I get high on paint thinner disconnected: Disconnect by user.
    Shpee + Shpee : lol
    (Voice) linkpichu: MEDIC!
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : threat?
    linkpichu : its down
    linkpichu : :(
    Prince of Pizza : to scared to do it
    Prince of Pizza : too*
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : I'm not going to let you push me, bruv.
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : You're just grasping at straws at this point.
    Prince of Pizza : fine i dont care about this sever
    Prince of Pizza : server*
    Obama Bin Biden : Lmao
    linkpichu : im only 12
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : why do people jump straight to the server? XD
    .tesseract. : good job tesseract
    Player BlackSpidey disconnected: Disconnect by user.
    [KangaKlan Elder]Foxyguy [Admin] : when it's the admin, not the server, that is saying something.

    Thank you addressing the issue and I hope it gets resolved soon or the admin gets punished for his actions. This sadly isnt all of it because some people used voice chat to talk about it, nor is it all the chat because this was just a part of it that matters. Btw my steam is Toasty -RT- and for some reason when I type in tf2 I don't see my chat so sorry ;-;
  2. Smokey

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    Aug 10, 2012
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    Hello Toasty, thanks for taking the time to make your report! I apologize in advance if you had an unpleasant experience or felt you were treated unjust. Although i can assure you Foxy has nothing but the best intentions for the server and maybe all this was a misunderstanding. With that being said I will speak to him and all other staff about the spawn camping and sentry guidelines to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    Just to clarify the only place the opposing team may NOT place a sentry is a point that can shoot players standing directly outside of spawn.
    In other words if you come out of spawn and walk a few feet and can be targeted then the sentry needs to be moved. If it's in the intel then that is OK.

    (Updating the rules with hopes to avoid this)

    Any more questions pm me on forums /closed
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