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    General Rules
    1. Respect other players - Harassment will result in a mute/gag
    2. Do not Mic/Chat Spam - Will result in a mute/gag
    3. Please speak/type in English only
    4. No Racism/Sexism tolerated
    5. Do not impersonate other players or Admins
    6. No cheating/hacking - Will result in an instant permanent ban
    7. Do not beg or ask for points
    8. Do not advertise other servers or products
    9. Do not post any links in chat

    Gamemode Rules
    1. Delaying - Do not hold up the round, finish the game
    2. Freerun - No freeruns allowed
    3. Trap Spam - No purposely using up traps or using them in stupid ways
    4. Favorites - No playing favorites and letting only certain people go through
    5. Ghosting - Do not tell the living what traps are used or any info that is unknown
    6. Point farming - Do not work with death/runners to get points for the shop
    7. Team Killing - Do not kill your teammates whether its with traps or by any other means

    Please follow these rules.

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